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April 29, 2015

In Search of Standing Desk

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I came across Evodesk Standing Desk Review

Could not resist the temptation but reach out to @TreadmillDesker
You bark loud but how is ThermoDesk ELITE better EVODESK other than motor? $477=1333-886 is a lot for a motor. Let’s see pic.

Here is the respond I got back.
Thanks for the question! lab test of the Evo’s base concluded: slower speed, louder motors, and instability at taller heights.

Notice the respond was very vague. Slower speed comparing to? Louder motors comparing to? Instability comparing to?

Keep in mind @TreadmillDesker recommends ThermoDesk ELITE which it has an affiliation with and wonder if there is a bias here.

In my opinion, if a website is to perform a review and critique other products it should provide sufficient data.

Videos and pictures would be great.

Here’s is another marketing gimmick from @TreadmillDesker
Did You Know Office Fitness Can Be Tax Deductible?

Looks like I pinched another nerve and responded.
@TreadmillDesker you need to be clear that tax deductible is not the same as tax deduction. please don’t use tax deductible to lure people.

An item that is tax deductible means it may be included in the expense for a possible tax deduction but does not necessitate a tax deduction.
First, the individual would need to itemized. Next, only expenses exceeding 2% of AGI qualifies.
The likelihood of one getting a tax deduction is less than 10% and it’s not a truly a full deduction.

You might ask, what qualifies me to make this assessment. I am a retired Tax Advisor after 19 yrs of experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like ThermoDesk ELITE and in all fairness, the review was “perhaps most entertaining”

If there were compatibilities between the 2 companies, I would buy components from both to build the desk.

Lastly, here is a price comparison for the two desks,
ThermoDesk ELITE has a 50+% price premium but is there a 50% increase in performance, product, or quality?

Desktop Size: 30×72
$99 (shipping)

ThermoDesk ELITE – Electric 3D-Adjustable Desk with 72″ Tabletop
$99.00 (shipping)

Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliation with either companies nor am I compensated by any means for this post.


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  1. I’ve been very frustrated in looking for reviews of electric standing desks. I looked at Evodesk and then the Omega Everest on the site. Both on those sites and elsewhere, most of the reviews of desks I found were completely fraudulent—written by the manufacturers themselves to promote their own products, usually pretending to be independent reviews (give-aways are usually when they have a review and start using their own first-person marketing language, like “this is the best desk you can buy”, etc.).

    It’s tough finding a good desk solution that I can be confident enough in to spend $1,000+.

    Comment by Christopher Komuves — September 22, 2015 @ 2:16 pm | Reply

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