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May 19, 2015

First Impression for Evodesk Desktop Unboxing

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Disclaimer: I am not being paid by anyone to write positive or negative review.

Opinions are my own based on my limited engineering background.

First, packaging is somewhat poor and could be much better for a desk costing close to $1,000 ($886 for my configuration).

Tape coming off.


I hope my desktop is okay.


Taking a look inside. Is that a tiny scratch I see?


After opening the desktop, this is the torn location – not enough foam.


Look at how much love I give it.

Desktop should be shipped in bubble wrap to prevent damage and scratch.

Cable Pass Through is way too small for 30” x 72”.


Most standing desks I was looking at are 1 inch thick.

By no means is this best in class as Evodesk Desktop is 3/4 inch thin.

You won’t find this information anywhere at Evodesk technical specification.


This is the programmer controller.

Openned ziplock bag and was this a returned repackaged?


My picture does not look at good as Evodesk –

I do like th Posi-Loc and was the final selling point.

Hope this is secure and does not spin.



It looks like Evodesk has updated the information for desktop. Either that or I was blind as a bat the first go round.

Renew™ Desktops

  • 100% reclaimed/recycled wood composite desktop
  • EvoGuard™ durable & stylish non-VOC seamless coating
  • Soft comfort edges eliminate nerve compression and pressure fatigue
  • Corners are slightly rounded for improved safety and style
  • Oversized 3” x 6” Cable Pass Through
  • Pre-drilled for quick and easy setup
  • Available sizes: 48″ (30” x 48″ x .75”), 60″ (30” x 60” x .75”), 72″ (30” x 72” x .75”)
  • Meets California Air Resources Board’s (CARB 2) stringent emission standard
  • Backed by a no-nonsense 2-year no-nonsense limited warranty


  1. How is it so far ?

    Comment by dacheng yang — June 1, 2015 @ 2:19 am | Reply

    • Not too bad. Need to be used to standing up as I am only able to stand for about 1 hour and then end up sitting down.
      Definitely room for improvements in design.

      Comment by mdinh — June 2, 2015 @ 9:51 pm | Reply

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