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September 30, 2015

SQL Profile and Plan Baseline Notes

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Optimizer with Oracle Database 12c
Oracle White Paper – June 2013

What is the difference between SQL Profiles and SQL Plan Baselines?

The difference between SQL profiles and SQL plan baselines and why SQL profiles can be shared but SQL plan baselines can’t.

By Maria Colgan-Oracle on May 08, 2012

Plan Stability using Sql Profiles and SQL Plan Management
Amit Bansal / 20 December, 2011

3 OCT/10

Comments from Kerry Osborne September 9th, 2011 – 18:31
You didn’t mention the two biggest differences (in my opinion).

Baselines know what plan they are trying recreate and SQL Profiles do not.
SQL Profiles will blindly apply any hints it has and what you get is what you get.
Baselines will apply the hints and if the optimizer gets the plan it was expecting, it uses the plan.
If it doesn’t come up with the expected plan, the hints are thrown away and the optimizer tries again (possibly with the hints from another accepted Baseline).

Profiles have a “force matching” capability that allows them to be applied to multiple statements that differ only in the values of literals.
Think of it as a just in time cursor sharing feature. Baselines do not have this ability to act on multiple statements.

Comments from Kerry Osborne January 25th, 2012 – 16:38

I have seen Baselines be disregarded, even without such extreme conditions as a specified index having been removed.

The reason for this is that Baselines attempt to apply enough hints to limit the choices the optimizer has to a single plan,
but there are situations where the set of hints is not sufficient to actually force the desired plan.

What I mean is that the hints will eliminate virtually all possibility but there still may be a few that are valid and so it’s possible to get a different plan.

In fact, I have even seen situations where the act of creating a Baseline causes the plan to change.

This is clearly not intended behavior but it can happen.

I think I blogged about that once. At any rate, in these cases where the optimizer arrives at a different plan than was expected,
the optimizer uses a plan generated completely without the hints (or possible picks another accepted Baseline and applies it’s hints).

This behavior is very different from SQL Profiles which blindly apply the hints.

I should also note that SQL Profiles can also be created manually with the same set of hints that would be used in a Baseline and there is a MOS note regarding how to do this.

I have blogged about that as well here:

Updated Oct 19, 2015

Strategies for Minimising SQL Execution Plan Instability

To baseline or not to baseline?

What you need to know about SQL Plan Management and Auto Capture


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