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June 10, 2017

GoldenGate Debugging

Filed under: 12c,GoldenGate — mdinh @ 2:40 am

I was working on automating debug information to submit to Oracle Support and thought I share implementation for what was requested.

OGG_GROUP_NAME is from ggsci info all (case sensitive)
./ line 3: 1: —> USAGE: / OGG_GROUP_NAME
./ E_LAX

#!/bin/sh -e
DN=`dirname $0`
BN=`basename $0`
set -x
ps -o pid,uname,cmd `pgrep -f "extract.*${OGG_GROUP_NAME}"`
pstack `pgrep -f "extract.*${OGG_GROUP_NAME}"`
pstack `pgrep -f "extract.*${OGG_GROUP_NAME}"`
pstack `pgrep -f "extract.*${OGG_GROUP_NAME}"`
set +x
$GG_HOME/ggsci << EOF
info ${OGG_GROUP_NAME} detail
send ${OGG_GROUP_NAME} status
sh sleep 2m
send ${OGG_GROUP_NAME} status
sh sleep 2m
send ${OGG_GROUP_NAME} status
send ${OGG_GROUP_NAME} report
echo " "
ls -alrt $GG_HOME/dirrpt/${OGG_GROUP_NAME}*.rpt|tail -3

Example output from pgrep and pstack

++ pgrep -f 'extract.*E_LAX'
+ ps -o pid,uname,cmd 40882
40882 ggsuser  /u01/gg/12.2.0/extract PARAMFILE /u01/gg/12.2.0/dirprm/e_lax.prm REPORTFILE /u01/gg/12.2.0/dirrpt/E_LAX.rpt PROCESSID E_LAX USESUBDIRS
++ pgrep -f 'extract.*E_LAX'
+ pstack 40882

Just realized does not scale since extract is hard coded.

Next step, learn how to read pstack output – YIKES!


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