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August 4, 2017

Windows Datapump Export

Filed under: 11g,oracle,Windows — mdinh @ 3:45 am

The purpose of the script is to perform full database export keeping 3 export copies.
If export is successful, then fullexp*.dmp will be renamed with _1.dmp suffix added to filename.
If export is unsuccessful, then code will exit, skipping rename operations.

Note: there should never be .dmp file without # suffix unless export is unsuccessful.

In hindsight, directoryName should be using variable (ORACLE_SID) versus hardcode.

SET directoryName=D:\DB01\export

expdp ‘/ as sysdba’ full=y directory=DATA_PUMP_DIR dumpfile=fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%.dmp logfile=fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%.log flashback_time=SYSTIMESTAMP REUSE_DUMPFILES=YES

IF EXIST “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_3.dmp” (DEL “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_3.*”)

IF EXIST “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_2.dmp” (RENAME “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_2.dmp” “fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_3.dmp”)
IF EXIST “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_2.log” (RENAME “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_2.log” “fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_3.log”)

IF EXIST “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_1.dmp” (RENAME “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_1.dmp” “fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_2.dmp”)
IF EXIST “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_1.log” (RENAME “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_1.log” “fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_2.log”)

IF EXIST “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%.dmp” (RENAME “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%.dmp” “fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_1.dmp”)
IF EXIST “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%.log” (RENAME “%directoryName%\fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%.log” “fullexp_%ORACLE_SID%_%COMPUTERNAME%_1.log”)



Results after 4 runs.

08/03/2017  07:53 PM     2,680,008,704 fullexp_DB01_CMWPHV1_1.dmp
08/03/2017  07:53 PM           161,707 fullexp_DB01_CMWPHV1_1.log
08/03/2017  07:46 PM     2,680,008,704 fullexp_DB01_CMWPHV1_2.dmp
08/03/2017  07:46 PM           161,707 fullexp_DB01_CMWPHV1_2.log
08/03/2017  07:37 PM     2,680,008,704 fullexp_DB01_CMWPHV1_3.dmp
08/03/2017  07:37 PM           161,707 fullexp_DB01_CMWPHV1_3.log

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