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March 31, 2018

Oracle Different Levels of Hell

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Did not know there exists many levels of hell and Oracle certainly has them.

Would it be bad if someone is searching for hell and this blog is listed as top 10? :=(

Here’s the effort one needs to go through to determine what patch to apply for Goldengate software (binary) as part of quarterly Critical Patch Updates.

Hint: Goldengate does not participate in quarterly patch updates.

Find the latest patch available and patch using Opatch or install newer database compatible version using runInstaller.

Oracle GoldenGate — Oracle RDBMS Server Recommended Patches (Doc ID 1557031.1)
Latest RDBMS version Oracle Server

Let’s create a new doc for new version but don’t provide reference to it. Make the user find it.

Latest GoldenGate/Database (OGG/RDBMS) Patch recommendations (Doc ID 2193391.1)
Latest OGG Release 12.3
Latest RDBMS Release

OGG Release/OGG Patch
12.3/Recommended or higher *** This is not a patch
12.2/Recommended or higher *** This is not a patch
12.2/Minimum *** This is a patch

Master Note for Oracle GoldenGate Core Product Patch Sets (Doc ID 1645495.1)
There are no patch sets available for at this time.
Latest OGG v12.2.0.1 Patch Set Availability Notes


March 17, 2018

Good But Not Good Enough Coding Practice

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Good: Alert from from localhost but what script is this? If there was only 1 cron entry and intuitive, then I would not be blogging about it.

ALERT … Goldengate process “EXTRACT(PU)” has a lag of 02 hour 22 min on localhost

Better: Alert is from localhost for ALERT … Goldengate process “EXTRACT(PU)” has a lag of 00 hour 00 min on localhost

That is all.


March 9, 2018

Inconsistencies – Are they good or bad?

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Different companies will have different implementations of the same, e.g. backup, naming convention, to name a few.

However, should there be different implementations of the same in the company itself?

There are pros and cons to everything and there are no wrongs or rights, just objectives and requirements.

Example: if you wants to have the same experience with coffee no matter where, you goes to Starbucks.

Don’t let it frustrate you. Think of it as freedom and the opportunity to do thing the way you want to.

Is the glass half empty or half full? For me, it’s half empty because I can fill it up with what I want.

March 3, 2018

Upgrade 12.2 Journey – DataGuard

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Oracle Data Guard Broker Changes in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (

How to resolve MRP stuck issues on a physical standby database? (Doc ID 1221163.1)
Starting from 12.2 use V$DATAGUARD_PROCESS view instead of v$managed_standby

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