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April 4, 2021

Linux Find Week# Of Month

Filed under: linux,shell scripting — mdinh @ 9:02 pm

Unfortunately, Linux does not have parameter for Week Number Of Month

I found the solution at

echo $((($(date +%-d)-1)/7+1))

Here is how I have tested.

[oracle@oracle-12201-vagrant ~]$ date -d '20210404'
Sun Apr  4 00:00:00 -05 2021

[oracle@oracle-12201-vagrant ~]$ echo $((($(date -d '20210404' +%-d)-1)/7+1))

[oracle@oracle-12201-vagrant ~]$ date -d '20210411'
Sun Apr 11 00:00:00 -05 2021

[oracle@oracle-12201-vagrant ~]$ echo $((($(date -d '20210411' +%-d)-1)/7+1))

[oracle@oracle-12201-vagrant ~]$ date -d '20210418'
Sun Apr 18 00:00:00 -05 2021

[oracle@oracle-12201-vagrant ~]$ echo $((($(date -d '20210418' +%-d)-1)/7+1))

[oracle@oracle-12201-vagrant ~]$ date -d '20210425'
Sun Apr 25 00:00:00 -05 2021

[oracle@oracle-12201-vagrant ~]$ echo $((($(date -d '20210425' +%-d)-1)/7+1))

Why is this even useful?

It can be a continuation of Simplify Log Management For Backup

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