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May 1, 2021

Extract DB User Password

Filed under: 19c,oracle — mdinh @ 12:40 am

For some reason, I had a mental block in trying to extract password for database users.

Here are some options.

SQL> select banner from v$version;

Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production


-- From notes:
SQL> set echo off head off verify off feedb off pages 0 long 10000 longchunk 10000 trimspool on lines 2000 timing off term off
SQL> exec dbms_metadata.set_transform_param(dbms_metadata.SESSION_TRANSFORM,'SQLTERMINATOR',TRUE);
SQL> exec dbms_metadata.set_transform_param(dbms_metadata.SESSION_TRANSFORM,'PRETTY',TRUE);

SQL> r
  1  select 'alter user '||username||' identified by values '||REGEXP_SUBSTR(DBMS_METADATA.get_ddl ('USER',USERNAME), '''[^'']+''')||';' ddl
  2  from dba_users where username='CTXSYS'
alter user CTXSYS identified by values 'S:29174843DD6989AA921A152BF37264659F042C2D8C216D97F6176AF13E4F;T:7B311EEA53E028F937CFABC4D6F6142E3027195E099798CD9E67910ABE6C621E9C23780121F208451B95AB558A4862F206A917C93B50D96E8F573FE7E1A4B2E98D77B9504BC2EBB457B63600127E34D';


-- From colleague
SQL> select name, spare4 from sys.user$ where name='CTXSYS';


-- From asktom
SQL> r
  1  with t as
  2  (select TO_CHAR(dbms_metadata.get_ddl('USER','CTXSYS')) ddl from dual )
  3  select replace(substr(ddl,1,instr(ddl,'DEFAULT')-1),'CREATE','ALTER')||';' sql
  4* from t

ALTER USER "CTXSYS" IDENTIFIED BY VALUES 'S:29174843DD6989AA921A152BF37264659F042C2D8C216D97F6176AF13E4F;T:7B311EEA53E028F937CFABC4D6F6142E3027195E099798CD9E67910ABE6C621E9C23780121F208451B95AB558A4862F206A917C93B50D96E8F573FE7E1A34B2E98D77B9504BC2EBB457B63600127E34D';


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