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May 22, 2021

emcli dg_verify_config

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I must love looking for trouble.

There are 47 RAC databases with Data Guard distributed among 7 clusters.

Being as lazy as I am, I did not want to connect to all the hosts to verify Data Guard configuration and create standby redo logs (SRL) for environments with Insufficient SRLs.

After some searching, I have found emcli dg_verify_config can be used; however, the documentation is not that great.

Currently working with Oracle Support and crossing my fingers.

$ $OMS_HOME/bin/emcli login -username=sysman
Enter password :

Login successful
$ $OMS_HOME/bin/emcli sync
Synchronized successfully

$ $OMS_HOME/bin/emcli dg_verify_config -primary_target_name="APEX18_XXXXXXX" -primary_target_type="rac_database" -verify_only
Parsing command line arguments...
Verify Data Guard Configuration procedure VERIFY_DG_CONFIG_20210520114056703 has been submitted for primary database APEX18_XXXXXXX.

$ $OMS_HOME/bin/emcli dg_verify_config -primary_target_name="APEX18_XXXXXXX" -primary_target_type="rac_database" -create_srls

The intention is to run emcli from OMS host to verify config and create srls where required.

However, there’s no documentation for how to retrieve results from verify_only at the OS level.

Seeing that I am struggling with Oracle support, Lead Database Consultant shared his implementation to verify Data Guard status before performing switchover.

Using the same concept, check for Insufficient SRLs from standby databases.

--- Prerequisite: Data Guard Broker is implemented.

--- Find Oracle Data Guard monitor process (DMON) and write to sids.txt file.
ps -ef|grep [d]mon|grep -v ASM|sort -k8 | awk -F "_" '{print $3}' > sids.txt

--- Create shell script
arr=(`grep '^[A-Z].*' < sids.txt`)
for i in "${arr[@]}"
  echo ======================== $i ========================
  . oraenv <<< $i >/dev/null
  stby=`dgmgrl / "show configuration" | grep "Physical standby" | awk  '{print $1;}'`
  echo $stby
  dgmgrl / "validate database verbose '$stby'" | grep -B4 "Insufficient SRLs"

--- Run
$ ./
======================== ORACLE_SID ========================

  Current Log File Groups Configuration:
    Thread #  Online Redo Log Groups  Standby Redo Log Groups Status
    0         10                      0                       Insufficient SRLs

  Future Log File Groups Configuration:
    Thread #  Online Redo Log Groups  Standby Redo Log Groups Status
    0         10                      0                       Insufficient SRLs

Future Log File Groups Configuration - When current standby becomes primary.

Checking is different from fixing as 50%+ of RAC databases have issues with Insufficient SRLs.

Currently both processes (shell script and emcli) are deficient since only standby databases are checked.

When there is switchover or failover for primary databases, then check will have to be performed yet again.

At least, using emcli dg_verify_config -create_srls, does simplify the process since it can be execute from OMS host if it works.

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