Thinking Out Loud

My Patching Notes

“opatch auto” or “ -unlock” or “ -unlock” or Hangs Due to Many Audit Files in GRID_HOME (Doc ID 1352884.1)

Oracle Grid Infrastructure Patch Set Update SUPPLEMENTAL README (Doc ID 1641136.1)

Oracle Patch Assurance – Data Guard Standby-First Patch Apply (Doc ID 1265700.1)

Oracle Recommended Patches — “Oracle JavaVM Component Database PSU” (OJVM PSU) Patches (Doc ID 1929745.1)

Why “opatch auto” not patching RAC database ORACLE_HOME? (Doc ID 1479651.1)

FAQ: OPatch/Patch Questions/Issues for Oracle Clusterware (Grid Infrastructure or CRS) and RAC Environments (Doc ID 1339140.1)



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